Diagor Olympic Drop Punch Bag 85kg

Diagor Olympic Drop Punch Bag 85kg

Crafted in IBF approved factory hub, Diagor Olympic Drop Punch Bag 85kg helps to increase speed, timing and power.

Because of its specific shape this bag is perfect for working on Muay Thai Clinch, short hooks, body shots and close fight tactics.

Weighing 85kg, close to human body imitation, training on Diagor Angled Heavy Boxing Punch Bag develops reflexes and footwork necessary in real fight.

Made from top-grade synthetic leather, gives the bag enhanced durability without the need for any maintenance.

Diagor Drop Punch Bag comes reinforced with foam and latex padding.

  • Professional quality
  • Reinforced hanger loop with rivets, for
  • Delivered filled
  • Chains and hooks are included
  • Weight: 85kg / 180lbs
  • Length: 180cm/6ft

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